About this website

This website is for you if you can answer “yes” to any of the following

  • You ‘re on a path of personal and spiritual awareness and have an open mind
  • You’re a down to earth person but want to combine spirituality with practical living
  • You believe that your soul has a purpose but you don’t really know what it is
  • You know there is more potential within you than you’re currently expressing
  • You’re feeling stuck in your present circumstances and want to move forward
  • You want to trust your Higher Guidance but are not sure what it is saying.
  • Self-doubt is sabotaging your Divine Destiny and what you came here to do.

Is Your Soul Calling You?

Is Your Soul Calling You?When we are called to a spiritual path it is often as a result of various life circumstances that push us to a place where we are forced to re-assess our lives. Our old way of being does not seem to work anymore and we begin a search for deeper meaning. This leads us to be drawn towards certain people, groups and philosophies which resonate with us at the deeper level of the soul. In other words we are drawn to those teachings that match our spiritual and personal needs at any particular time. As we evolve we either explore other avenues or the original path expands to reflect our higher understanding. So it is important to find a path that resonates with our
current level of awareness in order to provide the soul with what it needs right now for its higher purposes and our greatest expression.

There are many paths to Awareness. Nobody has a monopoly on Truth.

This website was created by Christine King whose spiritual journey began in 1979 and since that time she has studied and explored a whole range of philosophies and spiritual practices. Christine’s belief is that there are many paths to spiritual awareness and that nobody has a monopoly on Truth. The soul is like a multi-faceted diamond that can reflect the Light from many different angles.

The following quote perfectly sums up this belief…

“The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth” Ram Dass

Spiritual teachings simply act as gateways for an individual to explore the different ways and means of unfolding their Higher Potential and finding their Divine Direction. This website and the teachings it offers can be one such gateway but by no means the only one and not necessarily one that resonates with everyone who is led to it.

Your Soul Has a Plan for You

Christine believes that each one of us came into this incarnation with a specific purpose and that every part of our journey and everyone who enters our life plays a part in leading us to it. (Yes even the so called difficult, challenging people and painful events.)

However, there comes a time when we are ready to fully embrace our calling and move beyond the journey. We then use our past experiences as stepping stones, turning any wounds into wisdom and following the Higher Plan that our soul has prepared for us.

If any of the above resonates with you, keep reading for the to find out more About Christine

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The above painting is Winged Vision by kind permission of visionary artist Josephine Wall. Details on Contact page.

About Christine

An Introduction to Christine King

Christine KingAs a child I was brought up in an orthodox religion and on occasion would experience prophetic dreams which would greatly concern my Catholic mother. I found it very easy to pick up on people’s moods and emotions and was so sensitive that I could not bear to have my fingernails cut!

My sensitivity has since been put to good use in my work as it assists me in intuitively tuning in to clients and enables me to help them to handle difficult emotions.

After some challenging and rebellious teenage years I became disillusioned and judgemental of people who were naive enough to believe in something other than their own resources and rejected anything that had even a remote spiritual label attached to it. Little did I know that the Universe had a very different plan in mind for me and one I wish I had known back then.

Years ago my value was based entirely on my achievements. Although I had a great deal of financial success, my self-worth was very low, resulting in some quite toxic relationships that mirrored the deep – down disregard I had for myself. As a result, I went down same pretty destructive and damaging paths that did not serve my best interest

It took more heartache and loss and many painful personal traumas which culminated in everything in my life coming to a crash in my late thirties to finally lead me to a path of spiritual awareness. The turning point was the untimely death of my husband in 1979 after which I experienced a series of incidents that left me in no doubt that life did not end when we die.

Priding myself on being an extremely practical and down to earth person, I initially dismissed these incidents as wild imaginings. It took three separate unrelated psychics (none of whom I had ever met before) who knew absolutely nothing about me to all confirm, completely unprompted, that what had happened to me did actually take place.

However, the most compelling piece of information that all three of them gave me, was that my life’s work was to help people to understand their soul’s purpose and what they came here to do and to be. 

Despite all my resistances and protests, here I am all these years later doing exactly that. However, because I had much to learn, it has not all been sweetness and light. I have gone through many situations and challenges and have come out the other side and as a result, I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and mastered many lessons. There is not much in life that I have not experienced and I can honestly say that in looking back, I can now see that it was preparing me for this amazing career. The paths that I previously called “bad mistakes” were perfect for my growth.

If you would like some help with your life direction and want to work with me on a one to one basis either in person or via Skype, please click here to view the “Work with Christine” page for contact information and to find out more about my work.