Each of our events is designed to help bring you a step – or even a leap – closer to revealing your Soul’s Plan for you. You’ll find upcoming workshops detailed below…

Adventures in Consciousness. A six part programme for the evolution of the soul.

A six part programme for the evolution of the soul. How to handle life’s challenges from a spiritual perspective.

Clearing Your Soul’s Karmic History

If you want to take your spiritual journey to a deeper level, then this Ultimate Healing Weekend would be the perfect event to come to

Set Yourself Free from Clutter

De-cluttering is a deep spiritual practice that can bring you closer to your true self, the people you love and your Divine Source.

Two Latest Transformational Workshops

1. Let the Planet Uranus Take Your Soul on a Ride to Freedom 2. How to Place Your Future in the Hands of  Your Inner Divine In these two workshops learn why placing your future in the hands of the Inner Divine is transformational and how to build trust and understand that the Universe has …

Two Brand New Spiritual Workshops. Awaken Your Divine Inner Warrior and A Secret Recipe for the Evolving Soul

Life becomes a whole lot easier when we take our human hands off the steering wheel and start letting our Higher Wisdom come through and take over. These two workshops are designed to bring you closer to your Soul Awareness by allowing yourself to be open and receptive to the Inner Divine, that force of Love …

Hand Analysis Workshop

Would you like to know what your hands have to say about you? Through the lines and markings on the palms of your hands you can gain access to important information that can really help you navigate the twists and turns of life. Click here for a PDF version or each page image

Painting: “The Learning Light” by Douglas Taylor (

Transform Your Karma into Your Dharma

How our previous lives affect our present day consciousness resulting in our current lessons, karmic relationships and our soul’s future path. A One-day workshop in Evolutionary Astrology and Soul Journey Tracking Held in Blackheath on Sunday 21st May, 9.45 am to 5.30pm The investment for this event is £85 for the day or pay before …